The average American adult spends almost forty minutes per day in their kitchen. Forty minutes may not seem like much, but when you consider how much of the day we spend at work or asleep, that kitchen time feels sacred! Our kitchens showcase our individuality and connect us with our families. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Does your kitchen feel more like chopped liver? Check out these top interior design kitchen ideas for some inspiration.

Interior Design Kitchen Ideas

Interior design trends for 2022 are bolder than ever. We're seeing a lot of unique, lived-in designs with incredible, striking colorways. As always, your personal taste matters more than any design trend. While following these top tips, you should aim to build a kitchen space that feels authentic to you and your home.

1. Repeat Textures and Patterns

Repeating throughout your kitchen is an incredible way to tie the space together and see more of what you love. For example, if you find the perfect wallpaper, see if it comes in fabric for chair cushions. Match brushed steel chairs with a stone-grey colored backsplash. Place matching cutting boards or carved bowls on the counter to bring out a natural wood table. Currently trending textures and patterns include:
  • Woven baskets
  • Rattan and wicker
  • Bold, whimsical wallpapers
  • Funky patterned fabrics

2. Mix Cold and Warm Pieces

This is one of the easiest interior design tips for beginners. Break up a monotonous kitchen by mixing your cold and warm design elements. No, we don't mean placing the fridge by the stove. Cold pieces are typically smooth and hard, like concrete, marble, steel, and iron. Warm pieces are more natural, like wood, bamboo, fabric, and woven baskets. For example, displaying wooden spoons in a steel utensil holder allows both elements to play to their best qualities.

3. Play with Moody Colors

Colors have become all the rage for interior design trends in 2022. After the gloomy fog of the early 2020s and years of minimalist designs, people are ready to embrace a little fun and color in their lives. If colors are your jam, now is the time to play! Go bold with moody jewel tones or make a statement with bright reds or blues. In addition to seeing more color in kitchens, we are seeing frequent color-mixing. Some stunning color combinations include:
  • Ruby red and deep navy
  • Soft ivory and mauve
  • Sage green and walnut
  • Burnt sienna and black
Earth tones, jewel tones, and pastels all mix well within their families. Compliment emerald green cabinets with classy gold hardware or pair sweet yellow wallpaper with dainty pink placemats.

4. Take Inspiration from the Pros

Want to feel like a master chef? Take a look at how the professionals set up their kitchens. Keep surfaces large, open, and easy to clean. Stainless steel and copper are favorite materials among professional chefs for a reason. Display your most essential cookware in easy-to-reach areas like hooks and open shelves.

5. Add a Comfortable Nook

Kitchens can have a tendency to feel sterile and uncomfortable. After all, kitchens are primarily functional spaces. Remedy your clammy kitchen with a cozy nook. This can be a sturdy bench near the window, a coffee bar with seating, or a whole cocktail lounge area if your kitchen has the space. Nooks serve a purpose as extra seating for guests, and they allow family members to join you near the kitchen while you cook. Nooks also give you the opportunity to incorporate more of your favorite colors and fabrics!

6. Include Freestanding Elements

Your kitchen table doesn't have to be the only floating space in your kitchen. Add dimension to the area with freestanding cabinets, armoires, or shelving. A well-styled bar cart will add interest and fun to any bland corner. Freestanding kitchen furniture offers more places for storage and display items. Keep your seasonal tablecloths, placemats, and extra plates in unique, standalone pieces.

7. Display Your Favorite Pieces

Decorating is arguably the most fun part of remodeling your kitchen. While most of the kitchen should be used for functional space, there are still plenty of opportunities to showcase your style. Don't stuff your favorite pieces into drawers! A good general rule of thumb is for décor to comprise no more than one-third of your visible items. With limited space, choose a few items that really speak to your personality, family tradition, or cooking aspirations! Some great displayed items might include:
  • Grandma's favorite rolling pin
  • Home decor ceramics from your travels
  • A quirky vintage kettle
  • Unique and well-sorted spices
  • A classy menu board
If you love to keep up with the latest trends, check out some top influencer home decor picks!

7. Lighten Up

Don't forget about lighting when remodeling or redesigning your kitchen! Lights and lamps are key to transforming your space. One of the best interior design lighting tips is to mix it up with pendant lights, chandeliers, standing lamps, and recessed lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is a great option for modern, uptown vibes. Color-changing light options can instantly change the mood of your kitchen from day to night. Of course, you can't go wrong with exposed bulb pendant lighting either. Exposed bulbs have become home design classics for their ability to add warmth and personality to any space. They also work with nearly any interior design theme!

Invest in Your Home

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